Is God Reckless?

I am with our worship creative team at a conference this week (they call them "creatives" here, a new sub-species of homo sapien in the last generation of church work, though I would argue the church has always had "creatives"...but I digress). Yesterday, we had a morning debate about the theological accuracy of saying God's … Continue reading Is God Reckless?

Friends Who Write

Here is a list of friends whose writing I like to read: Pastor Jeff Cloeter       Shay Cawthon                Pastor Jon Brandenburg (more to add later)

I’m Learning to Listen to God: 4 Simple Ways

So you want to read your Bible. Well, maybe want to is too strong of a sentiment... So you know you should read your Bible. Not to mention, you feel guilty that you don't. And you feel guilty that you're a Christian who doesn't know enough. And you feel intimidated around other Christians who you're convinced know more. And you're … Continue reading I’m Learning to Listen to God: 4 Simple Ways