“Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.” -Jesus

If Jesus is always with me, I should always be worshiping Him.

That doesn’t mean I spend my life bowed down. It means I do what God tells me to do: offer my body as a living sacrifice.

Doing justice.

Showing kindness.

Loving mercy.

Walking humbly.

Keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus.


Being with Jesus, who is with me.

Have you ever traveled with a friend, and it turned out to be an annoying nightmare?

Did you ever invite a friend to be a roommate and almost instantly regret it?

Did you ever go on a mission trip with someone who tries your patience?

That kind of proximity over an extended period of time takes a different level of relationship.

Then there’s Jesus.

Today’s challenge was to find a way and time to worship Jesus wherever I am. To listen to music and read/pray the Psalms. To listen to worship music. To worship Jesus for more than an hour on Sunday.

My favorite thing is when a song on Sunday carries through to my week. I wrote this on a Wednesday morning, and I still have a song with me from Sunday that I sing under my breath, hum or whistle as I go. I really love that.

This verse from Jesus about worshiping God only came when He was weakened by hunger, thirst, and temptation. Usually that’s when people stop worshiping.

Or it can be when you start.

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