Today’s lunch with Jesus (RLC Day 7)

I hate being alone. Today, I decided to have lunch with Jesus.

I thought it would be uncomfortable. Weird, even. It wasn’t. It was actually really nice.

Have you ever felt alone in a crowded place? That’s where I had lunch: a busy place. At a two-person booth.

But Jesus was there. Which is a strange enough thing to say that many would label me psychotic, except for a couple billion other people also believe Jesus can show up anywhere He wants.

“Pray earnestly,” He said to me.

But not like a formal thing. Like the type of conversation I would have with my wife, a close friend or my Dad or brothers. One where I could avoid having to filter things like a Pastor and just be Eric.

We had plenty to talk about. Jesus has wisdom and answers I don’t know. But He also isn’t that concerned about giving me every answer. But He listens really well.

And then He turns my attention outward. To observe the world like He does.

What I see is a whole lot of people who also hate being alone but who also don’t realize Jesus is happy to sit across the table from them.

I know we’re disconnected, but wow, are we disconnected.

Have you ever noticed that kids in public try to catch your eye? And when they do, they smile or wave?

At a certain point, a lot of kids stop trying to make eye contact. I noticed that especially this year as our oldest got to 4th grade. I guess it’s inevitable.

This was my outward observation today. I sat and observed an infinitely diverse group of people today, for something like a half hour.

Not one made eye contact.

Here was my insight. Jesus promises His full attention. His 24/7 presence. And we avoid contact.

Why? I can’t think of a good reason.

Prayer is the most powerful tool we have on this earth. And Jesus commands it.

Who says no to that kind of access?

The challenge I heard in the “Red Letter Challenge” book today was to pray till it made me uncomfortable.

Instead, I spent time with Jesus until it made me comfortable.

Who knew?!

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