The first big Red Letter Challenge!

“Abide in my word.” -Jesus

“Abide” is a loaded term. It means to “make your home there.”

This is a daily sort of thing. But if you are not reading or hearing the Word of God daily, you are among the vast majority of Christians, not the minority.

Why the disconnect?

I think there are two reasons: 1. We lack discipline. 2. We don’t know how.

This is our first major challenge, if we are taking seriously the challenge: “Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it.”

Here’s the challenge: Just start reading. Every day. Even if it’s one verse. Start with John’s Gospel; its writing is the simplest.

IMG_2969Now for story time: For the past few years, my workout regimen has been…sporadic. And my fitness (or lack thereof) shows it. I give blood regularly, and every time I give blood, I get a reminder. My cholesterol is on the edge, so is my blood pressure, and my weight isn’t ideal. I always leave thinking, “I have to start taking better care of myself.” Then 4 or 8 weeks pass, I get busy, and I find myself back with the same results.

I have some friends who are doing something called a running streak (which is different than being a running streaker). The challenge is to run every day, even if it’s just a mile. I decided to follow their example, and today I got up and ran for my 18th day in a row. I’m already seeing the results. I’m getting in better shape, and I can only imagine that the next time I give blood, the numbers will be different. By the way, I checked, and the longest running streak in history is over 52 years; I wonder if I’ll beat it?

What if you started a Bible reading streak? What if, like I set my alarm for 5 a.m., I set an alarm on my phone, where every day my phone would alert me to spend time in God’s Word. Even if it’s only a verse, I’ve heard from God today.

What would change? Would I get different results in my life, my mood, my attitude, my relationships?

Actually, I’m going to do this right now.


At 7 a.m. every day, I’m going to read at least one verse of the Bible, and I’m starting with John 1:1.

Challenge accepted.

(Red Letter Challenge Day 6/40)

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