Red Letter Challenge Day 5: Going

“Go…I am with you always…” -Jesus

Then He left. He ascended into heaven.

But He’s here. He’ll never leave us or forsake us.

Jesus covers a lot of ground. Everywhere He went in His ministry was with a purpose and missional urgency.

“Immediately, Jesus went…”

“Straight away, Jesus…”

“It is necessary that…”

“That is why I have come.”

I would not have gone the places I have gone apart from Jesus. It hasn’t always been easy – and definitely hasn’t been painless – but it has been an absolute adventure.


I’ve shared this before, but one of my fears in life is that I would let life pass me by without accomplishing anything meaningful. I know it’s cliche, but life really is too short for that.

Most of the time, before we’re willing to “go” and overcome inertia, God first has to make us uncomfortable. The author and speaker Greg Finke describes it as God “messing with you,” a holy agitation.

So…how is God messing with you? What if it means He wants to prod you out of your boring life to one of adventure in following Jesus?

Being – Forgiving – Serving – Giving – Going

Those are the 5 categories. On to the “Week of Being!” Get ready to be challenged by Jesus!

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