Red Letter Life

Jesus says, “I have come that you may have life, and have it abundantly.”

So, don’t you think He might have something to say about how we should live?

IMG_2776There are two ways we learn from Jesus.

We learn in a descriptive way. We watch Jesus in action; that’s a HUGE part of our discipleship. We pattern our life after the pattern Jesus sets. He prays; we pray. He worships; we worship.

We also learn in a prescriptive way. Jesus clearly tells us things we should do and not do, believe and not believe, think and not think, say and not say. He teaches us to pray. He commands us to commune and baptize and love each other.

The Red Letter Challenge is about following the prescriptions of Jesus. See, it’s one thing to go to the doctor, and they diagnose you with some sort of malady, and they call in a prescription for the medicine you need to the local CVS.

It’s another thing to actually take the medicine. Some people don’t. They go to the lengths of asking for advice and paying a co-pay, and they don’t follow the advice they receive (usually because they found a solution they liked better online).

This is foolish. Remember? The foolish man built his house upon the sand.

Jesus is the ultimate expert. He prescribes activities, thoughts, and words that He knows are the kind of medicine we need that doesn’t just mask the symptoms but cures the malady.

But will you put Jesus’ words into practice? That is the question.

And that is the difference between abundant life and everything else.

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