No, really, take the Red Letter Challenge!

This crew is.


Get your book from us at a discount (they’re $10), or at, and you, too, can be this good looking. 

Why? Because Jesus is alive, and He’s the reason we work at a church.

I’m going to be serious here for a second. The people you see in this picture have a passion for the mission of Jesus to make disciples of all nations. It drives who we are and what we do.

Even Brian, who forgot to hold up the book. Seriously, Brian, you had one job! (I told you I was only going to be serious for a second.) And Dennis, who missed the photo, but on the day we were introduced to this book, we caught each others’ eye across the room and telepathically sent the following message to each other: [We have to do this!] So, just assume he’s telepathically in the picture.

You know who else has this book? Our Board members all have it, because they shouldn’t lead here if they’re not being led by Jesus. And the Elders who don’t already have it will get it at our meeting tonight, because we can’t trust them to care for people spiritually if they’re not living under Jesus’ authority. And our teachers in our schools will probably get it, because we probably shouldn’t trust them with our children if they haven’t read that warning about millstones Jesus gives (look it up; it’s in red, so it’s easy to find). Should I go on?

I’m going to bottom line this for you: Don’t miss this opportunity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be challenged by Jesus. To grow. To bear fruit. To be a disciple (one who follows Jesus) and apostle (one sent by Jesus), a follower and a leader, one who is loved and who loves others.

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