Did He whisper it? No.

He cried out with a loud voice, for the world to hear:

“It is finished!”

One word (in Greek).

Loud enough for Satan to hear, too.

Jesus’ mission from the Father: finished.

God’s plan of salvation, promised for 4,000 years: finished.

Jesus’ suffering: finished.

The hinge-point of history. The worst best thing that ever happened.

Songs have been written. Movies made. About the day Jesus died.

It was my fault. But it was for me. It was for me, but it was for God. God is faithful, and He did it.

It’s amazing all the different meanings one word can have. The last time something was that complete, that good, was when God was finished with creation.

This work of salvation? It is very good.

(Lent 37/40)

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