Behold your mother

What’s the value of relationships?

Jesus is on the cross, and holds onto life until He can make sure His mother is taken care of.

Jesus makes eye contact with Mary, who had a bond with Him like no one else – that of a mother – and says, “Woman, behold your son.”

Then Jesus makes eye contact with John, who was the disciple Jesus loved, and says, “Son, behold your mother.”

I see so many broken relationships. I see siblings feud, as grown adults who ignore one another’s existence for decades. I have seen people cling to life until the right person can get into the room so they can make amends. Our relationships are so broken.

But I also see the value of community…of family…of framily. I have yet to meet a person who feels too loved, who has too many people who care about them.

Relationships make faith stick. Relationships provide powerful proof that we are not alone in this world that is sometimes a tough place to live. Relationships are one of the primary ways God shows His love.

So it’s no wonder that of the 7 things Jesus was able to speak from the cross, this is one of them. Relationships matter that much. For Mary. For John. For me.

And they are worth the investment. At least Jesus thought so.

(Lent 34/40)

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