The God who invites…

There are a couple reasons Christians aren’t all that likeable. One is valid, one less so.

1. Christians say their way is the only way to salvation (exclusivity).

2. Christians do a poor job of representing the God they claim is full of truth and grace (hypocrisy – or lack of integrity).

Guess which one is valid?

When in doubt, look to the heart of Jesus.

Jesus never waffles on exclusivity. “I am THE way.” Doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room.

But He also paints a picture. It’s of a banquet – a great, HUGE banquet.

“Once, a man gave a banquet and invited many. But all they had was excuses. Too busy, other things to do, maybe next time. The man got angry. Fine. Go invite the poor and the crippled and the blind and the lame. Anybody who’s probably never been invited to anything good, invite them! And then go farther out and invite travelers and nomads and outsiders.”

Except it’s hard to be an outsider when you’ve been invited in.

The heart of Jesus is invitational. If He were concerned about status, He would have never left heaven to come and live among us, never been humbled to the point of death.

Jesus removes excuses through His invitation. “Come in! Have you met the Host?”

Our family is bad at remembering to RSVP to parties. They easily get buried in the shuffle of mail on the counter or on the side of the fridge. In fact, our best bet is to decide and RSVP as soon as possible when we get an invite, and then hope we don’t lose it so we remember when and where it is.

Maybe that’s what happens. God invites, and it gets lost in the shuffle.

Don’t let it. This is a banquet you can’t miss.

It’s your chance to meet Jesus face to face.

(Lent 22/40)

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