Lepers and storms and demons, oh my!

What kind of power are we talking about here?

Just read Matthew 8. It’s one chapter in one Gospel.

Everywhere Jesus goes, He displays the power and authority of God. And the really cool thing is, you get the impression He’s not even breaking a sweat.

“I will; be clean.” And a leper is cleansed.

“Go; let it be done for you as you have believed.” And He displays true authority in healing a Centurion’s servant.

“Why are you afraid, o you of little faith?” He rebukes His disciples before turning and rebuking a powerful storm, displaying the power to control creation with a word!

“Go.” And Jesus sends a host of demons out of a man, into a herd of pigs, and off a cliff.

Jesus isn’t messing around. And in the midst of this chapter, He challenges followers.

You can’t half-follow Jesus. This isn’t meant to come across as legalistic. It’s just truth.

No, it’s Gospel truth. Here’s why. Because when you see and hear Jesus in action like this, and then see why Jesus came and where Jesus is going…and then you hear it’s for you(!)…


And you’ll be different, too.

(Lent 17/40)

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