I’m going to show you a time that makes me so happy:

And I’m still in bed! It has been months since this happened. I had to bribe a 3-year-old with an iPad to make it happen…

But still, I’m pretty comfortable at this moment. (I won’t post any pictures of Kristen’s bed head.)

Jesus talks about rest. He advocates for more than just a Sabbath; He promises rest for our souls. And the great Biblical worldview is that those who die trusting in Jesus are simply, “Asleep in the Lord.” Like a great night’s sleep, and you wake up to breakfast in bed…only instead of breakfast in bed it’s paradise for eternity.

We spend a lot of time on the go. We don’t rest well, and that’s partially our own fault. But we also seek a different kind of rest – in the presence of Jesus. And it gives us a different kind of energy for the day – living in Him is what gets me out of bed.

Still, it’s really nice to start out rested.

(Lent 16/40)

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