Bigfoot Jesus…

There is something about this picture that immediately sticks out.


Is it just me, or does Jesus have HUGE feet in this painting?!

I got this as a gift when I became a pastor. In fact, it was the sermon illustration. The point of it was that if as a pastor my eyes are on anything other than Jesus, I stand a 100% chance of drowning.

The secondary point – because it is ALL I CAN NOTICE! – is that Jesus has huge feet. There is no way I am going to fill those sandals through sheer spiritual discipline, or commitment, or giftedness, or anything else.

But Jesus still calls me to follow Him as a disciple. Jesus still calls me to get out of the boat and make an impossible walk toward Him. And every time I start to sink, Jesus still extends a hand to lift me out of that in which I happen to be (metaphorically) drowning at the time in the midst of whatever (metaphorical) wind and waves.

God does not call the equipped; He equips the called. (Disclaimer: that is not a Bible verse.)

Maybe Jesus has big feet in this painting for a different reason. Pure speculation here. People with big feet leave a really distinct path. The “Way” of Jesus is not rocket science; it is clear, simple and distinct. And completely impossible to follow apart from His leadership and the guidance of His Word and the Holy Spirit.

I have been a pastor for over ten years now, most of which has consisted of sinking and being rescued. Or, as Peter later experienced, failing Jesus and being restored (the famous “feed my sheep” passage after the Resurrection). And, if I had to guess, I have another 30 to 50 years of doing this ahead of me.

It makes me really glad my Savior has big feet.

(Lent 10/40)


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