That they may be one… (Lent 8/40)

Today, our staff is at a conference.

2,200+ Lutherans in one place.

The worship wasn’t perfect. But it was real. It was authentic.

And something about it was so beautiful. At one point as we reflected on loss over the past year, every voice sang an a cappella verse of “Holy, Holy, Holy,” that brought a tear to my eye.

It also reminded me that this is the place where almost exactly two years ago our team circled in prayer to pray for our Senior Pastor the day he went into surgery; last night I sat beside him and gave thanks that God had seen him through it in amazing ways.

This is the stuff Jesus prayed for. He was about to be betrayed. Beaten. Crucified. Dead. Buried.

But before that, Jesus prayed.

“Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name, the name that you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one.”

I love that Jesus was looking across time and praying for us.

There is so much that can tear us apart.

But in Jesus, we are one.

A church like this was worth Jesus’ death. It’s the only thing that gives us life.

The benefit of a conference like this is perspective. Everyone here is going through something that makes life or ministry not a walk in the park.

And encouragement. Nobody here goes it alone.

That’s really good news.

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