Spoiled brats! (Lent 9/40)

Jesus told a story that I repeat to our kids often. Maybe the most often.

Laborers are hired to work in a vineyard and promised a fair day’s wage. They willingly accept the job and work.

Later in the day, more workers do the same. And later in the day. And later. All the way up to the 11th hour of a 12-hour day.

The day ends. They go to settle up. And each gets a fair day’s wage.

And you would’ve thought someone kicked their dog. Here they come. The words that drive me up a wall.

“That’s not fair!”

(This the reason I tell this story so often. I hear this phrase regularly from the backseat.)

What did you have before? Nothing!

What do you have now? Something!


“That’s not fair” is the enemy of gratefulness.

This is a story about God’s grace, by the way.

It’s a reminder our kids need…on repeat.

Honestly, there are a lot of adults who need to hear the story, too.

What did you have before?

What do you have now?

Pride leads me to question. And resent it when good things happen to other people.

Humility leads me to celebrate God’s grace. And celebrate when He shows it not just to me but to others.

This is so against our nature. It’s a mark of spiritual maturity.

You could just say, “thank you.” And sleep well that night, content to serve a fair and gracious Lord.

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