Well done. (Lent 7/40)

Billy Graham passed away at the age of 99.

He is the one televangelist who never fell from grace.

Some call him a modern-day version of the Apostle Paul.

God simply says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Not all of us are gifted orators. Not all of us will fill stadiums.

But all we are called to be is “faithful.”

I remember as I was preparing to be a pastor, I wanted to be charismatic – able to influence, to win souls, to change lives quickly and dramatically.

Only with a little more experience did I learn all I really need to aspire to is faithfulness.

My grandparents weren’t charismatic, but they were faithful.

Same with my parents, and pretty much all my other faith influences.

And, honestly, the same is true of Billy Graham and Mother Theresa.

Faithful people simply see the gifts with which God has entrusted them, then look outward to the needs of a broken world, and they apply one in service of the other. They do what God gives them to do – no less, no more.

For Billy Graham, that meant an amazing life of service and influence. God used him to bring thousands from darkness into light.

The same person who is faithful in the little things is faithful with much.

Whether little or much, God has this to say at the end of a life well-lived:

“Enter into the joy of your master.”

Well done, Billy.

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