Singular focus… (Lent 6/40)

What now? What should I do?

That has been the question for ages.

Now that I know Jesus.

Now that I know better.

“Make disciples.”

That should be my “why.” That should get me out of bed. That should drive my thoughts and dreams. That should direct my feet.

“Make disciples.”

We call it “mission creep.” It’s what happens when you have a clear objective yet allow yourself to get distracted.

Mission creep wastes resources. It wastes time. And money. It squanders talent.

It costs lives.

I can’t count all the distractions in my life. How do I regain my focus? How do I prioritize this so I don’t prioritize that and that?

Well, I can add things that clarify a singular focus or subtract things that cloud it.

I’m trying to do both.

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