If I was a rich man… (Lent 5/40)

One man had it made.

The other, Lazarus, had sores.

One man found relief in rich food and fine drink.

The other, Lazarus, had dogs licking his sores.

It’s a stark contrast, no?

Not as stark as what would follow when they both died.

One man, Lazarus, entered paradise.

The other entered torment.

One man, Lazarus, found rest in the presence of God Himself.

The other longed for a drop of water to touch the tip of his tongue.

Hell is real. You’ve been warned.

But many will not listen, “even if someone rises from the dead.”

Life is short; eternity is long.

And just because we don’t like the teaching about hell doesn’t mean it’s not true. God takes sin seriously.

But if you’re Lazarus, that’s good news.

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