How do you change a heart? (Lent 4/40)

Confession time: I don’t like Christian movies. Well, most of them, anyway.

I understand why people go to them and like them; it’s nice to go to a movie and leave encouraged. I think the trouble I have is that sometimes the dialogue seems too…forced…to be believable. Or, kind of like Christian music, it’s okay to still expect good acting and production from Christian art.

That being said, yesterday I watched ‘The Case for Christ’ on Netflix. It was fantastic. Based on a true story. Well acted. Well written. Well produced. And it was a moving story.

The wife in the movie also acted in the TV show Parenthood. In the movie, she repeatedly prayed this verse:

It’s hard to change minds and hearts, yet God regularly does just that. It’s good news if you are praying for someone who doesn’t know Jesus the way you do yet.

It’s also good news for me. Part of what I’m trying to let God do this season of Lent is to renew my heart and re-wire my brain.

In the movie, a militant atheist became a best-selling author of books that lead people to Jesus.

For me, I just hope it makes me a better husband, better dad, better friend, and better pastor.

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