Does God speak to you? (Lent 3/40)

I get asked that question often. Have I ever heard the audible voice of God?

No…but yes.

There has never been a time I did not know Jesus. My parents made sure of that. Behind them were my grandparents, and behind them was a great church family.

More importantly, behind all these things was God’s Word. Heard. Read. Memorized. From infancy I knew it.

And then one day, God spoke it back to me. I was laying on my back on the vinyl bench of an old grain truck. There is a lot of waiting during harvest.

As I waited for the combine to complete a round, I had nothing but time. Time to be bored. Time to daydream. Time to contemplate my place in this world. And maybe – hopefully – my impact.

That’s when I heard it; not from the wind outside, but from the Spirit within. Clear as could be:

“The harvest is plentiful, and the workers are few.”

I couldn’t shake this voice from God’s Word.

“The harvest is plentiful, and the workers are few.”

Sorry if this sounds like my “Field of Dreams” moment. I would have loved to build a baseball field like that in my Dad’s fields.

No, this was a call to service. Meaningful service.

See, that’s the thing. That’s why so many people work like hell to get to the top of the mountain, and when they get there they find out it’s emptier than they thought.

It’s because we weren’t meant to be royalty. We weren’t meant to be worshiped. We were meant to serve.

Only in service do we find true fulfillment. I would add, only in service to the Lord of the harvest.

God spoke to me, and He changed my life’s path and purpose. He shifted my paradigms. He re-aligned my priorities.

I am so glad I listened when God spoke to me.

3 thoughts on “Does God speak to you? (Lent 3/40)

  1. I am so glad you listened too! You are an amazing Shepard who takes great care of his sheep. (Don’t you just love all the visuals provided?!) We here at St. Johns are very blessed to have you here.

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  2. God does speak in many and various ways, but are we attentive enough to hear it? I thank God for solice times in an old grain truck. And I thank you for being willing to follow God’s calling.

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