It’s not for me; it’s not for us.

This is my church.


It is (literally) a work in progress.

I call it “my church,” but it’s not my church. It was here over a century before I came, and it will be here long after I’m gone.

This church devotes a tremendous amount of resources to worship. I’m okay with that. Have you read the description of the Temple in Jerusalem?

This church devotes a tremendous amount of resources to people who work here. I’m okay with that, too. God’s favorite tools (pun intended) have flesh and blood.

This church devotes a tremendous amount of resources and energy to things outside ourselves:

  • The school recently took an offering and sent thousands of dollars straight to Houston for hurricane recovery.
  • Just today, I heard about our church raising thousands of dollars for our local pregnancy center.
  • There is a school in Tanzania that didn’t exist a few years ago, where kids’ lives are being changed because buildings have been built, tuition paid, meals and clothes provided for almost every student there. Right now, we’re building a whole new classroom building to accommodate a growing enrollment. The yearly support from this ministry is in the six figures.
  • The building you see going up in the photo will be used by us and our school, but is also specifically meant to be a blessing to our broader community.
  • Speaking of our school, our school is intentionally not just for our own kids. This amazing school wouldn’t exist without this church.
  • There is a ministry in Arvin that is almost entirely funded by our church’s offerings, and it has been the site of tremendous kingdom work over these past three years.
  • Our church devotes huge amounts of resources to support the work of our broader church body. And we have raised up and supported multiple future leaders for other churches and schools.
  • Our church is connected to and supporting missions and ministries in multiple countries on multiple continents.

I could go on. This is my church; it has been here for me, but it isn’t for me.

So I support it with my offerings.

So I make worship a priority.

So I speak well of this church and invite others to it.

So I try to represent this church well in the way I live.

I love my church. If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be here.

It’s not perfect, nor are its leaders (I should know; I’m one of them). But this is my church.


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