Will your impact last?

Read about what happened to Joshua’s ‘household.’ I tried.

It doesn’t say.

We don’t know his wife’s name. We don’t know his children’s names, or how many he had.

In fact, about the only thing we can even assume is that there was no way he was letting his kids marry someone who didn’t worship the Lord. He was pretty adamant about that.

Is Joshua in the genealogy of Jesus (Yeshua)? Nope.

Were the great kings of Israel descended from him? Nope.

What do we know? We know Joshua was a pretty faithful guy. Not perfect, but faithful to the Lord. Trusting His Word and promises. A great leader. A good man.

And that’s enough. For Joseph. For you.

God will give a few great, big things to do. God will give most a whole lot of little things to do, faithfully.

That’s not in your control.

God calls you to be faithful where He has placed you.

To respond to the opportunities He gives you.

To love your wife.

To love your children.

To love your neighbor as yourself.

There are no higher callings.

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